Week of  April 22 to April 26

Hello Parents of Fabulous First Graders!

Welcome back! Don’t forget, we return to school on Tuesday not Monday! We hope that you had a relaxing time with your family this past week. We also hope that you were able to spend some time reflecting on what our savior Jesus Christ did for us out of his great love for all humankind.

Thank you to all of the first grade parent helpers who made our Easter celebration fun, tasty and creative! We appreciate all that you do to enhance our students’ classroom experiences!

We are finishing up our Social Studies unit in the next few weeks. We will end the year with our study in Science. The last topic of the year is “Matter”. The students will learn what Matter is and will observe both physical change and chemical change in Matter.

Please continue to help your child memorize the basic addition and subtraction facts. It is important that they have these facts memorized before they enter second grade.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Julie Rones & Mrs. Jennifer Ault